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Let's Play Is Still On

November 18, 2014

Been busy with college, but I will soon, once I get a new headset to replace the one that broke awhile ago, then I will begin on that project.

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Let's Play On The Horizon

December 09, 2013

I'm planning a Let's play of "Are You Afraid of the Dark: The Tale of Orpheo's Curse" past December after I get a new PC. My next post will come when things are rolling, did sound audio capture tests, audio quality was passable, but we'll have to see if it holds up in the final video. All in all, I'm going to try my best on keeping things good, and providing good commentary on a game from my childhood I enjoyed playing. Let's see how things go! :3

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Site Update Planned

November 24, 2013

Eventual site update planned when I get an update plan made.

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Site Maintenance

July 11, 2012

Website is back up after scheduled downtime.

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Site Updated

May 2, 2012

The site design and layout have been updated, WordPress has been dropped to decrease code and site loading time. I’ll also be dropping the forums, I won’t delete them, I’ll let it stick around, but I’ll remove it from the navigation. I’ll add a contact page to allow people to easily contact me if they experience any issues with the site, which I can then fix, though note this site uses the video tag for videos, and the videos use the webm format. So make sure your browser supports playback of the webm format and video tag before asking.

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